Privacy Policy



When browsing Karina’s website or using the services available, the privacy of the user, individual and/or legal entity, is preserved by the privacy and good practices policies widely adopted, disclosed and disseminated in the company.

Considering everything provided for in Law no. 13.709, of 08/14/2018, LGPD – General Data Protection Law, Karina declares that it has not appointed any operator to access personal data and/or sensitive personal data of individuals, having only access to that data spontaneously made available by the user through registration in the existing register on its website, which in general allows browsing without any identification but that can request some data in order to allow better browsing, information and/or delivery of services, this data being stored only for a period of time sufficient for such provision.

Karina, although it does not practice the collection of personal data and/or especially sensitive personal data of individuals with a view to the development of its business, may have access to some data entrusted by its electronic visitors.

In addition to common data such as name and e-mail address, it is possible to access some personal data, such as:

Such personal data is aimed at the business relationship with the legal entity to which you are connected, without any personal character since Karina does not market its products to individuals.

Karina, therefore, only processes your personal data for commercial purposes with the legal entity to which you are related, adopting appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect such data against loss or against any form of illegal treatment.

Karina controls this data only for storage to the extent and time necessary for its intended purpose. Karina does not carry out any processing of this data, does not store them beyond the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose of the information and does not share them with third parties, whether in the national or foreign territory.

Such data is taken care of with technical rigor and high zeal, aiming at the privacy and protection of the data entrusted by its holders, offering security to the users and, also, ensuring its good reputation by complying with all legal determinations, especially those related to LGPD – General Data Protection Law, but not only.

Karina is not obliged to keep the processed data for any previously determined time, which is done only for the time necessary to fulfill its purpose.

It is important to know that you can have access to all your data processed by Karina, if it is still stored, having the opportunity to change it, complement them and even delete them, in addition to at any time being able to authorize, disallow, change or exclude data collected through cookies, being able to even choose the format in which this data is made available, by simply consulting Karina’s website access policy.

While browsing Karina’s website you may, if you wish, be directed to other related sites or the like. These sites have their own privacy policies, so it is recommended that they be checked before browsing since Karina is not responsible for them.

This privacy, data protection and good practices policy can be revised and updated at any time.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests or complaints about the processing of your data or about this privacy, data protection and good practices term, please contact Karina through the e.mail or other communication channel, all widely disseminated.

Thank you for visiting our website.