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Desmolding Additive

Developed to serve the thermoplastic segment via the injection process of parts in polyethylene and polypropylene based polymers, with the objective of assisting in the process of extracting parts from the mold.


Line of products composed of biodegradable polymers that aim to contribute to reduction of environmental impacts.


Widely used for Specialty Wires and Cables karinbond is a masterbatch widely used in cables that require adhesion between polymer/metal and polymer/fibers.


Developed to meet the requirements of the breathable films segment (breathable polyethylene films) and other applications.


Developed to meet the most demanding markets that seek versatility, increased mechanical resistance, reduced energy consumption, lightness and flexibility with a highly resistant final product.

Karinprene Soft®

The Karinprene Soft brand is a premium elastomer, developed to meet various segments that require in their applications a translucent, delicate, soft touch finish, sensitive to the tactile aspect that comes as close as possible to human skin.


The Karinvolt® line is comprised of thermoplastic, anti-flame, halogen-free compounds with low smoke and toxic gas emissions. Intended for application in cables and commonly known as photovoltaics.


NIR Black masterbatch technology allows polymer identification by NIR rating detectors. The pigments reflect incoming energy to the NIR device, making the black plastic detectable during the recycling process.

Purge Compound

Additive developed with the objective of optimizing the cleaning time of plasticizing peripherals, such as screws and cylinders, injection nozzle and mold hot chamber with high efficiency, reducing set-up time.

Semiconductor Compound

Semiconductors are considered a shield that surrounds the electrical conductor for the purpose of aligning and confining the electrostatic field.