Karina develops and sells compounds based on polyethylene and polypropylene resins in natural, black or colored tones,
in order to meet the needs of the wire and cable market. Using high-technology processes, Karina offers compounds with
flame-retardant additives and special additives.
The demand for energy and telecommunications resources is increasing, causing a continual need to expand and reform the wire and cable infrastructure, which requires

long-term investments. Karina’s portfolio offers high-quality products and technology in compounds for insulation, semiconductor shields, coatings and special applications according to customer and project needs.

PVC compound

Karina manufactures compounds for use in the manufacture of cables for the energy, telecommunications, and automotive sectors.

We manufacture compounds for automotive cables with reduced insulation thicknesses, for operation between -40°C and 90°C/ 125°C, meeting the specifications of the world’s leading automakers.

Our compounds can be used in cables of varied applications, such as those used in sound systems, alarms, etc.

These compounds are used in power, command, control, PP, parallel and welding cables, classes in thermals of 70°C, 75°C, 90°C, and 105°C. They that withstand tests at high oxygen rates and have anti-UV protection, or are suitable for use as a skin in double layer insulation.

Compounds for telephone FDG and CI cables, as well as internal and external networks.
For LAN, CATV and coaxial data transmission cables in general, for external and internal use.

Semiconductor Compound

Semiconductors are considered a shield that surrounds the electrical conductor for the purpose of aligning and confining the electrostatic field.

• Electric field distribution
• Easy extrudability

• Power cables
• Special cables
• Automotive parts


Widely used for Specialty Wires and Cables karinbond is a masterbatch widely used in cables that require adhesion between polymer/metal and polymer/fibers.

• Films
• Tubes
• Cables


It’s a grade of compounds base in polyethylene, wich they have their flexibility modified according to the client’s needs/specification. This chemically cross-linked compound is made by the Sioplas ® process, widely used in insulation and jackets of electrical wires and cables. The cross-linking process gives the polymer an improvement in its thermal and mechanical properties.
The compound associated to the catalyst masterbatch offers unique characteristics to the final products, such as: resistance to electrical trailing, resistance to weathering (UV), flame resistance among other characteristics required in the most diverse national and international standards, applied in the most different types of cables.

• Low density compound;
• Resistance to the higher working temperature;
• Excellent dielectric strength, good resistance to water and chemical agents;
• Greater current conduction capacity and better mechanical resistance to abrasion;

• Insulation of power cables (90°C);
• Insulation multiplexed cables (90°C);
• Anti Tracking cable cover;
• Control cables insulation;
• Insulation of automotive cables;


Karintox® it’s a grade of thermoplastic compounds,flame retardant, halogen-free compound with low smoke emition and toxic gas emissions. Intendedfor application in wire and cables, commonly known as SHF1 or LSHZ/A, widely used in insulation, filling, inner cover or cover developed to meet wire and cable standards, including NBR 13248.
This segment of compounds is increasingly used in applications where different characteristics are required in relation to flame resistance and acid gas emission during a fire situation, for example, these characteristics are extreme importance to environment where cables are installed.
– LSZH – Low Smoke Zero Halogen
– HFFR – Halogen Free Flame Retardant

• Flame resistant compunds
• Compounds halogen free
• Low emition of toxics gases

• Insulation of BWF cables (LSZH/A highly populated places ando r with difficult escapes conditions);
• Power cable jacket (SHF1);
• Naval cable jacket;
• Optical cable jacket;


The Karinvolt® line is comprised of thermoplastic, anti-flame, halogen-free compounds with low smoke and toxic gas emissions. Intended for application in cables and commonly known as photovoltaics.

• Flame resistant compound
• Halogen free compound
• Low emission of toxic gases
• Resistance to temperature and humidity

• Insulation for power cables for photovoltaic systems
• Jacket for power cables for photovoltaic systems resistant to sunlight

Special Polyolefin Compounds

Compounds with base of polyethylene or polypropylene additives for service the most strict techinical requirements normative to Market of wire and electric cables.
We highlight the folowing resins used in manufacturing of our especials compunds:
• Polyethylene with low density (PEBD);
• Polyethylene with average density (PEMD);
• Polyethylene with low density linear (PEBD-L);
• Polyethylene with high density (PEAD);
• Polypropylene ( Copolymer, Randon )

Using as resin based selected to answer and ensure that customers needs and your standards, can be added to compunds diferentes characteristics such as:
• Flame resistance
• Weather resistance (UV)
• Resistance stress cracking
• Diferent collors (Pantone, RAL and Munsell);
• Significant processing improvement

• Compounds with high standar performance
• Versatility of application
• Attendance to national and international standards

• Insulation of multiplexed cables (70°C)
• Cover of naval cables
• Skin to multiplexed cables
• Insulation of automobilistic cables (T3)
• Cover of telecommunication cables
• Cover of cables resistante to eletrical track

EKO Polyethyne compounds®

Focused on sustainability and renewable chemistry, the polyolefinic compunds denominated “EKO”, are obtained from sugar cane etanol. In addition to being of renewable origin, it is 100% recycable and does not contribute to global warming.
Focused in manufacturing of wire and cables, its constitution is exactly the same as ordinary polyethylene, thus guaranteeing all the physical and chemical properties os conventional plastic of fossil origin.
Along with this technological advance, Karina has the following products:
• Natural Karintox EKO;
• Karintox Black EKO;
• Karinpex EKO XLPE;
• Black LLDPE EKO FC Compound (TC-L EKO);
• HDPE Natural EKO FC compound (TC-A EKO);

• Fully recyclable;
• Raw material from renewable source;
• Preference in public tenders

• Insulation of multlexed cables (70°C);
• Skin to multiplexed cables ;
• Optical cable jacket;
• Telecommunication cable jacket;
• Power cable jacket (SHF1).


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