A thermoplastic elastomer is a mixture of chemical components that, submitted to its melting point temperature, exhibits a thermoplastic character, which allows it to be molded and transformed into final products of different formats and have a flexibility behavior like that of rubbers.

Karinprene® TPE

brand identifies a family of thermoplastic elastomers whose elastomeric phase is composed of SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene) and the plastic phase by polyolefins. This composition allows the transformation of Karinprene® TPE, using conventional technologies of injection, blowing and extrusion, already available to transforming and processing for thermoplastic materials.

• Velvet touch
• Product totally recycable and reprossable
• Easy processing and pigmentation
• Low odor
• Good Weather and UV resistance
• Heavy metals free (HMF)
• Withstands low temperatures

• Finishing profiles
• House hold items
• Miscellaneous sealing
• Soft touch finishing
• Automotive
• Electrical
• Hospitalar
• Food and non-toxic
• Toys
• Kitchen appliances

• Wide range of hardness 05 ShoreA to 60 Shore D
• Low permanente deflexion with good elastic memory
• Excelent fatigue resistance
• Good resistance to Chemical agentes with acid based, alcohol and detergentes
• Available densities 0,90 g/cm3 – 1,20 g/cm3

• TPE GEL – hardness form 00 to 10 Shore A
• TPE translucent – hardness form 10 to 70 Shore A
• TPE natural or black – hardness from 15 Shore A to 60 Shore D
• TPE special to adherence in polar polymers TPE colors on demand
• New compounds maybe developed according to request ans customer technical standards

• General injection
• Bi component injection
• Profile extruxion
• Sheets and laminates extrusion
• Blow molding
• Accumulator blowing

Karinprene® TR

Termoplastic rubber karinprene® TR was developed focused on footwear sector. Presenting a grade of products made of thermoplastic rubber that provides to our customers a production of footwear with high quality and sofisticated finishes with excelent cost benedit ratio.

• Excelent cost benefit
• Optimal power of coloring
• Sofisticated finish
• Elasticity
• Exceptional flexion
• High grip to anti slip shoes


Ideal to application of footwear of high performance and appearance of vulcanized rubber.

Ideal to application of footwear of high performance.


Ideal to application of footwear of medium performance.


Ideal to application of footwear of economic grade.


Ideal to manufacturing of internal sneakers’ shock absorbers


Ideal to manufacturing of footwear that require transparency as their main characteristic.

• Direct injection
• Conventional injection
• Extrusion

Karinprene® Ultra Soft

The Karinprene Ultra Soft brand is a premium elastomer, developed to meet various segments that require in their applications a translucent, delicate, soft touch finish, sensitive to the tactile aspect that comes as close as possible to human skin.

• Atoxic material
• Flexibility
• Soft touch finishing
• Easy handling
• High softness and flexibility, like human skin
• Free of any substance not allowed by ANVISA

• Products similar to human skin
• Toothbrush finishing
• Household utlilities
• Promotional items

• Injection
• Extrusion
• Spillage


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