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PVC is the most versatile of plastics, as the resin is formulated with the incorporation of additives, which turn it into a “PVC compound”.  It's possible to change the characteristics of the PVC Compound according to the need of its final application, ranging from rigid to extremely flexible.
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Karina has a complete line of products to serve the polyolefin processing market. The main highlights include the MasterBatches, Additives, Filled Compounds, Compounds for the Wire and Cable market, and Micronized Polyethylene for the Rotomolding market.
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They exhibit excellent resistance and breaking strength under ambient stress, easy processability and balance between stiffness and impact resistance, high mechanical performance and chemical resistan

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Karinprene® TR

Karina, through its technical team, develops and manufactures PVC compounds and thermoplastic rubber (TR) compounds to enhance the products of its customers.

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It is the name given to the layer of film added to products will be given properties such as color or weather resistance.

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